Thursday, July 5, 2007

Update on the garden

Yikes, I sure haven't posted about our garden for a long time!

Since this post, everything has been growing reallly well. The spinach is already done, actually- we finished of the last of that harvest two weeks ago.

Above is a picture of the kale- it's still so small and cute! I'm infinitely excited for it to be done.

Close-up of the lettuce...

That's the lettuce on the left and swiss chard on the right...

Here, we've got a carrot-kale-carrot-kale thing going on...

Horseradish! Our horseradish 'bush' is huge. Usually, the root is used for making the horseradish-in-a-jar, but the leaves still have that lovely, hot flavour. Expect a horseradish 'pesto' recipe sometime soon!

The raspberry bushes still have awhile to go...

Tomatoes still aren't ready as well...

In the back is a huuuuge herb called lovage. The leaves taste kinda like celery. :)

Then, right in the front is a little mint plant. Beside that, a bit to the left and back, is parsley.

You can see some carrots going on to the far left.

Swiss chard out front, tomatoes behind, and the big bush to the side has these little red berries. They might be red currants, if I recall correctly, but maybe my dad's wrong. They're still yummy. :)

And there's the whole thing! Well, you can't see it all, since the raspberry bushes are wayyyy down there, but still. :)

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