Friday, August 3, 2007

Tropical Fruit!

Awhile back, I took a bunch of pictures of random fruit that we happened to have lying around the house:Persimmon! These are my FAVORITE fruit, ever! They're sweet, without being overly so. My favorite part is the skin, since it has a kick of flavour of its own. :)

Horned melon, otherwise known as the kiwano! Well, it used to be horned, but my awesome littlest sister chopped off the spikes with scissors...

This is probably one of the weirdest fruit ever... When I cut it open, I was surprised to see not an orange or yellow interior, but a bright green!

Each little seed is surrounded by a jelly-like glob of green stuff. It tastes like a watered-down kiwi. :/

Dragonfruit! Yummy stuff indeed. :) The inside, for those who don't know, is a light-grey in colour and is speckled with tiny, kiwi-esque seeds.

Its flavour is very mild, but we kept it in the fridge for a while before cutting it, so it was VERY cool and refreshing.
Bananas! The tropical fruit that is too ordinary to seem exotic, but yummy all the same. I like them best sliced thin lengthwise, into long planks, then frozen. Banana chips :D

And just because I feel like it.. I'm sure that this is a crazy joke, but who knows? I might as well post this, there's nothing to lose... :)

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