Sunday, September 23, 2007

R is for roti

Yesterday, I made some roti out of my borrowed copy of A Spicy Touch not once, but twice! It's a long and fairly uninteresting story, but let's just say that it all disappeared before I could pack some away for my lunches next week.

There were only 3 ingredients to this simple recipes: whole-wheat flour, olive oil, and boiling water. I did replace a bit of the flour with wheat gluten, though, which makes it 4 ingredients, but still! This recipe is easy enough that I was able to make it by memory the second time.
The dough did seem a bit too wet and sticky, though. I had to use a lot of flour during the rolling-out process.

I didn't manage to take any pictures of my roti on the frying pan, unfortunately, but here's a photo of the end result:

mm! Hot off the stove, the roti were slightly crispy. However, after a few minutes, they got soft enough to use just like a tortilla or pita bread. Taste great, too!
:D I can't wait to make roti again- I'll experiment and add spices right into the dough.


I did bring cookies (Dreena's Homestyle chocolate chip) to school the second day, but I've decided that I should again! I chose a Post Punk Kitchen recipe this time- Chewy Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cookies. (wow, that's a lot of 'c's... what if they had caramel and coconut, too? and crunchy rice crisps? and crushed candy cane?)

I give this recipe 5 stars! Easy, smells great, and received rave reviews.

K. and I made a big cookie pizza with the last chunk of dough:

:) I think my friends will be happy!

Finally, today at Superstore I found a neat 'Exotic Mushroom' pack. It had several different kinds of fresh 'shrooms, from porcini to button to enoki to a pile of others. I love enoki mushrooms so much- they're just adorable! I put some in a yummy stir-fry, starring alongside onion, kale, and plain old cultivated mushrooms.

:) And that's all for now! I'll try to post again real soon, and hopefully it will be all about sprouting. I received some good questions after my last post so I'll try to write a detailed 'FAQ' entry, with detailed sprouting directions!

See you all then!


VegMomma said...

I've made those PPK cookies before, and agree that they are fantastic. And your roti looks amazing! I love that you're into doing everything homemade!

Emmie said...

Roti is tasty!

Yesterday I made this amazing soft and tasty sandwich bread. We ate the whole loaf and then I made two more. I was baking bread pretty much all afternoon.

maybepigscanfly said...

The cookies look great! I'm sure your friends will be happy.

Oooh how I miss Roti! I had it for the first time almost 2 years ago while in South East Asia- it was heavenly.

Too funny- I just tried enoki mushrooms for the first time last week. Yum!

bazu said...

Awww man, those cookies look so tasty. And I want to try making roti- yours looks so good!

Peggy the Veggie said...

Thanks for the comments!

:) If I want to make people happy, I check out PPK recipes right away.

I had my last roti today :( I'll just have to make more!

Emmie- wow, all afternoon? awesome. baking bread is one of my favorite things to do. Kneading is the best part. :D

the pleasantly plump vegan said...

wow! yr roti looks great.

VeggieGirl said...

oooh that cookie pizza (and all the OTHER cookies as well) look phenomenal; I've never had Roti, but it looks enticing, for sure!