Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Calling all San Francisco vegans!!

(Or really, anyone who's visited the place)

This summer, I'm going to be heading down to San Francisco for a couple days. I'm very excited, since I've never been to mainland United States, and California sounds absolutely awesome.

Anyways, I was wondering if anyone had recommendations restaurant-wise. I'd love to try some delicious vegan fare- I don't eat out often, but this holiday will be an exception. Also, I think I'd like to stop at a farmer's market or two to fulfill my fresh veggie needs, so anything on that front would be veryvery helpful as well.

Thanks in advance! :)

I'll be going with my mom probably sometime around early August, so expect to see lots of pictures of the trip up on Vegan Teen Cuisine!

Watch out California, here comes the Peggysaurus...


Cherry said...

When I went there over Spring Break, we went to Herbivore and it was fantastic, but parking was terrible. The San Fransisco farmer's market is huge and really great. You can't miss it! It has lots of fresh fruits and veggies, dried fruits, prepared vegan foods(vegan brown rice sushi!), and much more.

Anonymous said...

In SF: Millennium is the ultimate in gourmet vegan. Usual Suspects Cafe in North Beach is brand new and amazing. Cafe Gratitude is raw and pretty special. Cha Ya has all vegan sushi.

In Oakland: Soulely Vegan serves soul food and Pizza Plaza has a number of vegan pizzas.

Don't waste your time on Herbivore, it is dull and not all that great.

Anonymous said...

i lived in San Francisco for 8 years almost any place has veg food. Barneys is a burger joint, if you can get past that thay have very good veg burgers. not sure if thay are vegan:(

Paulina said...

I wish I could go to San Fransisco this summer too :( At least I'll be in California - the greatest state on earth LOL

Peggy the Veggie said...

OOh, thanks everyone, I'm getting real excited now and it's great to get tips from real people like this :D

Cafe Gratitude sounds cool, I've eaten plenty of raw food but I've never been to a special raw restaurant :)

paulina- haha, yeah I sure wish I lived in sunny California :P

Cherry said...

You've been tagged, so my blog for details!