Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Oh, bento!

I am becoming way bento obsessed. I still have a long way to go before I am a real artiste or oekakiben-iere, but I'm still having a lot of fun with this!

This was yesterday's lunch:
(I wanted to do a sky, and a bell pepper sunset is way more exciting than blue-dyed...something)

what it was: on a bed on tofu noodles (tossed in tamari and chinese five-spice), I layered red&orange&yellow peppers. I halved a pickle slice and used those at the bottom for grass, along with some celery chunks. I used some nori flowers (punched out with my sister's handy little tool) and cut out a nori tree trunk. The tree trunk's leaves were Italian flat-leaf parsely :) as for the sun, it was a carrot slice embellished with nori and beet rays!

I didn't want to eat my little creation, though, which might be the downside to making these bentos! At least I snapped pictures before gobbling it up :)

And here's what I had today:

what it was: mashed turnip & apple with cinnamon, nori snake with beet tongue, then the foliage was made up of cut pickles, romaine lettuce, nori zigzag rectangles, and shredded raw spinach. I also had some steamed carrots (under all the green stuff)

It's not quite as pretty as yesterday's, but I really wanted to use that snake somehow. My mom's turnip & apples are really good, too, so I was glad to use up some of the leftovers.

Yesterday's dinner was awesome, as well. I'd just come back from my school's cross-country club, so I was hungry. Guess what's on the stove? A pot of chili! Thanks, Mom!

It was Sarah's Delicious Chili from How it all Vegan, to be exact. That is such a perfect chili recipe- the spicing is perfect and I love its richness, although we always add a ton of other vegetables :) I had it with some romaine lettuce, turnip and apple, and roasted cauliflower (not pictured). Needless to say, I had seconds of everything!

(if you have HiaV, I highly recommend that recipe. I've made photocopies for a bunch of my friends and they ALL love it- even the diehard meat-eaters!)


shah said...

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Bianca said...

Your bentos are so freakin' cute! I love the bell pepper sunset, and it's neat that there's a word for bento artists!

Also, turnip and apples? I've never had those two together, but it sounds like a heavenly combo. I gotta try that! Great for fall.

Peggy the Veggie said...

:) Thanks!!

Turnip and apple is my mom's autmn / Thanksgiving specialty. Basically, just boil some turnip and apples, then mash together with cinnamon, just a pinch of salt, and a little bit of olive oil. It's great!

tofufreak said...

i love love love your bentos!!!!hehe they are so cute!

Peggy the Veggie said...

tofufreak- thanks! YOUR bentos are super cute too!