Thursday, October 9, 2008

Vegan MoFo: my very first RAW DAY

I've always been really curious about the whole 'raw food' thing. It's not that I don't get my own fair share of uncooked veggies and fruit and such, but the idea of going 100% raw seems really cool to me, not to mention the supposed health benefits. I'm not planning to go all-raw, but incorporating more raw food into my diet can only be a good thing!

So yeah. I decided that today would be a raw food day. :) Here's how I did it:

Breakfast: Biiiig ol' fruit salad (banana, mango, apple, grapes...) with a generous sprinkling of ground flax

Lunch: A really lazy bento box of chopped veggies (and some apple, hehe)

Snack: Mango and raspberries and some banana and some almonds

Dinner: A BIG salad, plus some banana with almond butter

Snack: hasn't happened yet... but probably some almonds :)

More than anything, I noticed that I developed an unusually extreme craving for fruit. I guess I felt great eating raw.. I was a bit tired but that's most likely from sleep deprivation as I've been super busy lately.

I'll definitely try a raw day again, though, no doubt about it. And I'll totally prepare, too, by sprouting some lentils & wheat berries. mmm! I'm thinking that I might try this once or twice a month, but probably a bit more often than that when it's summertime again :)


Bianca said...

Congrats on your first raw day! I always feel a bit tired too. I think it's the lack of complex carbs, even though I do eat lots of nuts on raw day.

Peggy the Veggie said...

Thanks! :) Yeah, that could definitely be it. I sure missed my oatmeal :S

Neta said...

I recently tried having a raw day but failed, I just didn't prepared well for it. Your post makes me think about trying again.

And you can make raw oatmeal :)

Peggy the Veggie said...

Glad to hear I've inspired you, then :) Go for it!

And wow! Raw Oatmeal! I just googled it and I'm definitely going to try that someitme. Looks goood :)