Sunday, April 29, 2007


One of the BEST parts about living in Edmonton is the river ralley here- it can get so beautiful in every season: fiery oranges in fall, delicate and white in winter, little sparks of green rebirth in spring, then all-out emerald green in the summer. It's fantastic. I spend so much time there going for walks, biking, climbing down cliffs with my friends and almost killing ourselves.... and picking asparagus with my dad.

Yeppers, every spring and summer the ASPARAGUS shoots up, and we live in the perfect area of Edmonton to take advantage of that. The nearest spots where asparagus grow are only a 5 minute walk away.

In any case, yesterday my dad went out and picked maybe 2-3 pounds of pencil-thin-or-even-thinnner spring asparagus, and once steamed, it was the BEST ASPARAGUS I've ever had. SO good. Even without the olive oil drizzled on top, like how my dad enjoys it.

Even cooler was the fact that some of the asparagus he picked was WHITE. White asparagus results when the stalks don't get enough sunlight. Some of the ones we had had a bit of a purplish tinge on their tips, further enhancing their exoticness.

I'd post a delicious recipe, but all we did last night was steam the asparagus and that's it. Sometimes, that pure simplicity is all you really need.

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