Wednesday, April 11, 2007

(No chicken for THIS Iron Chef)


Here's my latest rant, posted at the Vegan Freak forum.

OK, so I've decided to sign up for my school's Iron Chef competition. I love cooking so I thought that it would be fun, plus give me an opportunity to challenge myself a bit more.

In any case, we get to know our "secret ingredients" ahead of time. And guess what I was told today?



and... CHICKEN

Yes, chicken. Needless to say, I was pretty annoyed- not only are these ingredients kinda boring (I was expecting something fun and exciting like lentils, eggplant, or quinoa even) but CHICKEN.


So, I tried to explain to the coordinating teacher:

"Chicken? Um, that wouldn't work so well with me. I'm vegan, you see.."

"Oh, sorry but we can't change it. And, well, YOU don't have to EAT it"

"No, that doesn't matter. I don't feel comfortable cooking it"
(I wanted to say 'flesh' but held myself back)

"Oh, well you could just have somebody else do it"

Argh. I still didn't say if I would be participating for sure. But seriously- chicken? Don't they realize that SOMEBODY out there, other than me, could be vegetarian, if not vegan?


There's NO WAY I could feel confortable cooking flesh.

Plus, my guitar broke today so I was already kinda bummed out. But it's all fixed now, so that dilemma is solved.