Thursday, June 21, 2007

Quality- why it's worth it

Okay, so I go through cinnamon like wildfire. I put it on everything- in curries, on fruit, in oatmeal... and especially oatmeal! Anyways, I noticed that we were running a bit low, so I walked over to IGA to buy some more.

Unfortunately, the only kind they had was the pale Compliments brand cinnamon...

And why am I blogging about this? WHo really cares about my cinnamon capades?

Well, I realized what a waste that cinnamon was. It really was pale in comparaison to the old brand I had (McCormick's Ground Saigon Cinnamon) and had a realllly mild flavour. As in, barely there. :( NOT COOL.

Plus, I later looked at the back of the pakage, and the other ingredient was 'hydrogenated cottonseed and/or soy oil'


And hydrogenated oil, no less.

So yeah- don't sacrifice quality for convienience! Especially when it comes to spices.

(sorry for not posting in awhile- it's exam time so I should probably get some studying done.)

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