Friday, June 1, 2007

Recipe Review: Homestyle Chocolate Chip Cookies

(ok, I'm sure that you're thinking "WHAT?!?!?! Cookies? This CAN'T be the Vegan Teen Cuisine blog!" However, my friend Rishi is having a party this sunday, and I decided that I'd bring cookies. :) And so I made a test batch tonight)

ANYWAYS, I've decided to start a new series in this blog- whenever I try out a recipe, I'll let you know how it went.

Homestyle Chocolate Chip Cookies

from Vive le Vegan! by Dreena Burton

Well, the recipe was SUPER-EASY and I recommend it to anyone. One real positive point was the fact that it didn't use any egg substitutes, or even a non-dairy milk. It was very omni-friendly that way.
As for how they taste, I can't say anything because I didn't actually have one yet. But they smell veryyy nice and my sisters gave two big thumbs up.
I'd so post the recipe, but I'll respect copyrights and everything. :) Just GO BUY VIVE LE VEGAN!
***Edit: My mom had one the next day, and my dad had two! According to them, more chocolate chip would be a good idea.


Anonymous said...

There's a video on youtube of Dreena Burton making these,

and the recipe is at

Peggy the Veggie said...

Thanks for the comment! I'm sure that those links will be useful for everyone.