Monday, July 30, 2007

"Japanese" dinner with my awesome littlest sister... and wheat sprouts!

Mmm, sprout sushi! Soooo yummy.

Ever since we first made tofu nuggets, my sisters and I have been thinking of different spices and flavour combinations. Eventually, we decided to have a "japanese" dinner, with rice, tofu nuggets, a cucumber-sesame salad, and sushi.

Unfortunately, one of my sisters was off at summer camp, so it was just me & the youngest one (she's 7). She helped me slice the tofu- at first, I was thinking of little cubes, but she decided that long "fingers" would be the best. For the spices in the tofu breading, I ground up a lot of black pepper and sprinkled in a good teaspoon of nanami togarashi. I'd have liked to put in a bit of wasabi powder too, but I don't think my sister would have appreciated that!

I dipped my tofu sticks in wasabi, my sister preferred ketchup.

Unfortunately, just before I wanted to start making our fabulous Japanese menu, my dad made me make and early supper for my brother before his soccer game. Argh. Why can't my brother do it himself? He's 13 and should be able to cook pasta + corn + swiss chard by himself...

Anyways, I wasn't in the best mood so I only ended up making the sushi, tofu fried, and some grilled eggplant. :( It was still great, though!

And.. guess what? I've grown some wheat sprouts! Yes, I know, I've been a naughty blogger for keeping that a secret. I was just kinda worried that it wouldn't work, though. But to the contrary- these did take longer than lentils, but look great!

Now, all I have to do is find the perfect recipe to use them in...

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bazu said...

Oh, what an awesome-looking meal! Japanese is one of my favorite cuisines, and I love the idea of sprouts in sushi. How cool that you cook with your sisters.