Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Turkey Necks

No, not ACTUALLY turkey necks -that would be totally NOT VEGAN!

Yesterday, my youngest sister was talking with me about making tofu nuggets, but my mom overheard, and misheard.

In any case, I managed to get my sisters excited about making tofu nuggets (like chicken nugget) so that was part of dinner tonight...

Tofu Nuggets

(not so much a recipe as a formula... make enough for how much tofu you're using)

-Firm or extra firm tofu --I used frozen since that's what I always do when I get a new black of tofu

-Nutritional Yeast
-Optional- curry paste, Dijon mustard, or any other sauce or flavoring

-Quinoa meal (toss some quinoa in a coffe grinder until it's a powder)
Then, to the coffee grinder, add some:
-Cereal --I used some Shredded Wheat & Bran as well as some Nature's Path Mesa Sunrise flakes
-Spices --My sister threw in some paprika, cumin, and tumeric
And blend well, until a uniform powder.

Drain tofu well, pat dry, and cut into nuggets, random shapes, or sticks. Place on a plate or in a bowl.

Pour a small amount (about 1/4 cup?) of soymilk into a shallow bowl. Stir in nutritional yeast and optional condiment until well mixed.

Take your breading mixture (quinoa, cereal, and spices) and place in another shallow bowl.

Cover a cookie sheet with parchment paper and preheat the oven to 350.

Now, you've got your stations: tofu, soymilk mixture, "breadcrumbs", and baking tray.
My sisters loved this part! One would dip the tofu chunks into the soymilk and swish it around until well coated. Then the other would take that tofu and coat it in the breading, before placing it on the parchment paper'd tray. And I would stand and watch!

One all your tofu is done, you can dip random veggies in the soymilk then coat in breading too... I tried doing a few mushrooms.

(Before baking... the mushrooms haven't been coated yet)

Now, bake for 25-35 minutes, or until the breading is just golden brown. Or longer, I suppose, if you'd like your tofu nuggets to be real well done.
Not a pretty picture, but they were SOOOO good! My sisters gobbled these up and asked for seconds. Don't forget that this was their first adventure with tofu! It won't be their last, either- my youngest sister keeps asking if we can make them tomorrow, and the next day, and the next...

I'll mention that I never liked chicken nuggets as an omni either, but thesesreally were good. The outside was nice and crunchy. :)

I'd definitely spice it up as much as I could, however. We made the breading very mild because my sisters aren't huge on spices, but I'd have plenty of fun with these if I'd make them for myself. The flavour combinations are endless!


Cherry said...

I really like this blog, you're doing a great job! Turkey necks- NOT VEGAN, LOL! (Gotta love Vegan Freak!) I added your blog to my list of favorite blogs.

Veg-a-Nut said...

Hi I just found your blog. These tofu nuggets look really good. Keep up the good work!