Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Rice milk... Natur-a Product Review

(yikes, blurry picture- sorry!)

I drink soy milk, and occasionally almond milk, but I decided that I should broaden my non-dairy horizons a bit my trying some rice milk.

I should probably have known better. I hate rice with a passion- whether it's wild rice, brown rice, white rice, risotto, sushi rice, or rice cakes. Well, I didn't mind the dosa from Savoy's Health Cafe, but that's an exception...

Why do I hate rice so much? Well, I've never really been into the starchy foods, but there was one incident at Edmonton's Heritage Days involving mango & sticky rice at the Laos tent. The mango was canned (ew!) and the rice was saturated with butter and sugar. 'Nuff said.

ANYWAYS... My mom picked up the Natur-a Original Fortified Rice Beverage at Safeway, so I tried some right away.

I found this brand of rice milk (I can't speak for any others) to be wayyyy too sweet. Perhaps I'm just used to my unsweetened So Nice?

As for the flavour... it reminded me of postage stamps, sugary/buttery rice, and fermented watermelon all combined into one beverage of fun. Ugh.

Of course, I know that there are plenty of people who like rice milk, whether it's the Natur-a brand or Rice Dream or another brand or homemade, so I won't bash it anymore. I guess it's just not for me.

(and- there's CANOLA OIL in it! Kind weird.)

And here are my sproutsies! :)
I ate some today and they were yummmmmmmmy indeed. Another 'crop' is in the process of soaking right now!


the pleasantly plump vegan said...

i'm with ya on rice milk. i just can't get into it. i just bought some hemp milk since everyone has been talkin it up. it was way to sweet and thick for me. its almond or soy milk for me!

vko said...

Your sprouts look yummy and um, why is their canola oil in the rice milk? I don't mind rice milk, but I much prefer soy milk, however, since I am trying to cut down on my soy- I alternate with almond milk...your rice milk description cracked me up.

Being part Laotian, I'm sorry that the fake mango rice dessert was so disgusting and ruined rice for you forever. That dessert made properly with fresh mango & rice with coconut milk is actually really good.

Peggy the Veggie said...

I'll have to try an authentic mango&rice dessert then, sometime! Maybe with quinoa instead of rice? ;)

I try to switch up my milks too- the only problem is that almond milk isn't completely fortified like soymilk usually is. :(

KleoPatra said...

Your sprouts are gorgeous. Look at them grow! i do love rice milk tho i prefer almond to it, yet soy has the most protein bang for the buck... we are lucky to have choices.

i used to loathe rice, probably a holdover from the days when i was 'forced' to eat stuffed peppers (meat and rice inside overcooked bitter green peppers)... errrgh!!

i love rice now, but only in small doses!

Thanks for the review. i think quite a few non-cow's milk have oil in the ingredients...

Cherry said...

Never had rice milk. I prefer unsweetened almond milk. I wonder, how do they sweeten that rice milk? I don't see any sweetener in the ingredients.