Monday, July 16, 2007

Lotsa stuff today!

Wowee... We're getting our deck redone and my dad's heart is set on a concrete deck, so he had some guys come today to drill holes and stuff. Last week, we had to rip out the old deck and argh that was so boring- I'd take an old, rotten plank of wood, walk around to the front yard, drop it in the dumpster. Then go take another board- over and over again, for 2 hours. :S


Recipe Review: Time-Warp Lemon Squares from VegWeb

Last week, my mom went to this stuffy old place called "Rutherford House" for lunch, and of course she insisted on bringing me & my sisters along. My sisters and I. Whatever. So, of course I was real bored and couldn't eat anything because there were chicken and cream cheese sandwiches and then a salad with chunks of cheese and chicken flesh. Argh. And the vegetables were all touching the cheese, of course, so I kinda didn't want to each those. I was okay, though- I asked for green tea and that kept me happy. :)

And what do those ramblings have to do with lemon squares? Well, there was a dessert platter with cookies and scones and omni crap. Upon seeing th elemon squares, I said to one of my sisters, "Hey let's make lemon squares sometime" and she got all excited.

I don't have Ener-G so used flaxseed...

I was rolling the lemons on the counter to break down some of the membranes, and all the essential oils leaked out from the zest and onto the counter! I wish I could have taken a "picture" of how nice and lemony my hands smelled...
In the oven... Looks real flaxseed-y!
I ended up baking this for an extra 20 minutes, since it wouldn't set, then finally gave up. They did set a bit after an hour of cooling, but not so much. And of course, with the double baking timem the bottom crust was overdone. :(
My sisters and my mom all had some and they liked the taste a lot- yay! I didn't have any... Added sugars and refined foods and all. Blueberries are enough to satisfy my sweet tooth!

Maybe this recipe really does need a COMMERCIAL egg replacer? I'll try it again sometime.

The yummy salad I had for lunch- broccoli, tomato, grilled eggplant, spinach, carrots, liquid gold salad dressing plus a bit of extra lemon juice, and dulse flakes <3

I made a nice big stir-fry for supper. I had to make enough for me, my mom, and my dad, which was weird because I'm used to cooking just fo myself. :( I couldn't use any spices, either, since my dad likes bland food. I did go heavy on the aromatics, though- lots of garlic and ginger and onion.

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