Tuesday, September 2, 2008

First day of school

For breakfast, I had another Fat Free Vegan omelette- and it was ever better than yesterday's! I mixed in more spices and cooked it just a little bit longer. The result was absolutely delicious!

Here's part of what I packed for lunch: a lovely little rainbow salad!

I think I'm going to start going all-out and making crazy bento boxes with those intricate seaweed details and such. Fun fun fun :)

Dinner was a lovely, savory vegetable soup. I LOVE VEGETABLE SOUPS! Especially with brussel sprouts :) It's weird, I only like those little guys two ways- totally mushy in a soup, or roasted until crispy. Steamed or boiled is just 'meh'.

I actually stirred some homemade hummus into my soup bowl, too, for a boost of protein and creamy yumminess.
That's not all we had for dinner, though. The whole family meal was vegan, which was really quite cool and has been happening more and more often. I love it!

We had the soup, hummus, garlic bread, gnocchi, fried potatoes & carrots, and garden cucumbers. What a feast!

And how was school itself? It was fine... I'm in grade 11 now, so it was nice not being a little grade 10 anymore. My classes all seem okay too. I feel like such a nerd for saying this, but I'm actually so pumped for math this year. I'm doing 20/30 IB, so it's basically going to be EXTRA PACKED and won't leave me bored. :)

There's only one thing that annoys me about my schedule... I couldn't get put into Phys Ed! :( So I now have a half-year spare, which is okay, but I'd rather be in phys ed. Guess I'll just go for a walk in that time then! After being active all summer, being cooped up in the school drives me insane.

(actually, my school is right beside a Health Club / gym, so I'm thinking that some days during the winter I could totally go for a little workout there! hopefully it'll be okay that I'm under 18...)


Lately, my #1 favorite snack has been the Curry Roasted Chickpeas from the Fatfree Vegan Kitchen. These are SO GOOD and insanely addictive.(to the left is the garlic bread we had for dinner, minus the garlic and toastedness since it wasn't done yet!)

That's all for now! :)


tofufreak said...

happy first day of school! glad it went well for you. :)

it's so exciting when the family meal is completely vegan!!! i love it, too!

have fun this year in grade 11! (you make me feel young as a grade 9-er ;P )

Bianca said...

Wow! Your tofu omelette turned out so lovely! When I made one, it became tofu scramble mush. Still tasty, but not so pretty!

And I've never had brussels in a soup. But it sounds delish. I'll try that next time!

Peggy the Veggie said...

tofufreak- haha, thanks! Yeah, it's definitely a happy occasion. :)
you enjoy grade 9 too, then! And wow, I feel old now :S

bianca- that's a shame! good to hear it still tasted great, though. And I might be weird about the whole brussel sprouts thing, so be warned :)