Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Today's Lunch & Some Randomness

Another salad for lunch; unfortunately my bento box is NOT airtight and the dressing leaked all over my bag on the way to school. Ack! There goes my precious flax oil! The salad was still excellent, though, and very colourful :)

I layered red bell pepper, steamed carrots, grilled eggplant, and fresh Italian flat-leaf parsley. Mmm!

Some veganism-related events that happened at school today:
(WARNING! This might sound awfully boring and tedious to you, my dear readers, but I can't help getting happy when people discuss anything to do with veganism with me)

-In Chem, my teacher told me that he ALMOST didn't buy a steak at Safeway because he was thinking of me. He still bought the meat, but I'm considering giving HIM some seitan steak and he won't even be thinking of cow steak at all!

-My friend W had some chicken feet on the bus today that he had received as a gift from a friend. Like, little chicken feet. Actually. They were in a little package and cooked and everything :(
So of course, my friend M has a look at the packet and opens it and starts eating it! He then hands some to K and W, who start eating it too. Ugh! So these three boys manage to stink up the bus ("eeww! what smells like cat food?!?") and it's just absolutely disgusting. Revolting!

I also found the reaction of some friends interesting. One in particular seemed super grossed out, and I jokingly said 'Well, you eat chicken all the time, so what difference does it make to you?' She then responded with, 'Yeah, but they're chicken FEET'

-Thennnnn my friend E told me that this whole fiasco made her want to be vegetarian, so I was like "Oh that's awesome!" and we had a little discussion. To be honest, it didn't sound like she was too serious about it, but who knows what might happen...

-A few minutes later, I was talking with some friends and they asked about 'my chili recipe' and if they could have copies. I had to explain that this wasn't really MY RECIPE, that it's Sarah's Delicious Chili from How it All Vegan, but I was glad to see that they were interested!

-Finally, just before getting off at my stop, my friend Z told me about some vegan makeup she had found at a recent trip to BC, and I asked her what brand and she said she's get back to me on that. Ok, so this conversation doesn't really have a point up here on the blog, but evidently my veganism is really 'rubbing off' and my friends are becoming more aware. Yay! I love them all no matter what, but when they're awesome I love them just that much more :)


Carrie™ said...

Chicken Feet!? Ewww! I saw a cooking show years ago where the guy was making some kind of Chinese soup and he had real fresh chicken feet that he threw in a pot and proceeded to make soup with it, then EAT IT! Blech! I was totally grossed out.
Even getting people interested enough in Veg*nism and educating them is a step in the right direction. Once they have the information, they can decide for themselves and hopefully make some changes for the better. You're a great ambassador!

Peggy the Veggie said...

Ack, I'd be so grossed out too!

And thanks! You're a great ambassador too- even just being 'the veg*n in the room' is a big deal, not to mention your awesome blog :)