Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Vegan MoFo, day 2 (ish..)

When I wrote yesterday's post, I totally forgot that it is now the Vegan Month of Food! Oh dear! I'm still totally participating though- ready for a post every weekday- at least? I hope I am!

Anyways, here are some recent bento lunches. I'm not going to post them ALL, since that is a lot of catch-up and not all of them are terribly interesting.

Here, I put some bell peppers on top of a medley of vegetables, and gave them faces. I called it "Expressive Peppers", haha.

I've also been going with a musical theme lately, making bentos for some of my favorite bands.

First up is a Neutral Milk Hotel bento! Yay!

It's supposed to be an aeroplane flying over a sea of eggplant, in honor of my favorite album (In the Aeroplane over the Sea). :)

Then, I made a Velvet Underground bento. It's got the Andy Warhol banana from their debut album, The Velvet Underground and Nico.

I was pretty proud of that one :) The white background is made from mushrooms, sliced top to bottom.

Last but not least, here's a Deerhoof bento. They've got a song called 'Come See the Duck', hence the duck.

(That little green thing in the corner is a lilypad)

I don't have school tomorrow, so I won't have to make another bento until Sunday evening. I don't mind the wait- does anyone have any ideas for a theme? Bento brainstorm! I might just continue musically, or make ones dedicated to each of my friends, but I'm always open to new, exciting concepts!


Liz (¡Yo Soy!) said...

I love that you made a Neutral Milk Hotel bento!!! It doesn't get more hip than that!

tofufreak said...

haha your bentos are always so cute!

i have absolutely zero creativity so i don't think i can help in any themes... sorry :(

Peggy the Veggie said...

:) Thanks to both of you! And that's okay tofufreak, but I'm sure you're plenty creative, judging by the fantastic yummies on your blog.

Bethany said...

those bentos are so cute. Playing w/ your food is fun. Reminds me of when my husband & I used to have contests to see who could come up with the most interesting presentation. Once I came up with the mashed potato moat filled with tomato soup with a pillar of mashed potatoes in the middle - that you can balance more food on, we hit a rut, but it was a fun rut. Maybe I'll resurrect it for a vmofo day.

DJ said...

I love your bentos - very creative direction you're going with!

Peggy the Veggie said...

Bethany- Thanks! haha, that's an awesome story. Definitely resurrect interesting presentations, I say :)

Dj- thanks!!