Saturday, March 10, 2007

Baked Banana Dessert

Baked Banana Dessert for one (but can easily be doubled/tripled/quadrupled for more!)

(when I took the pictures, I used three bananas, but it's still all the same as far as the steps go.)

I like to use Mexican Vanilla- it's super sweet and goes very nicely with the banana.

1 ripe banana - the riper the better, for more flavour
About 1 tsp cinnamon, more if you like more, less if you'd like less.
1 tsp vanilla (optional- adjust as you'd like)

All you need:

Preheat your oven to 350.
Directly into your baking dish, slice up the banana into round about as thick as your finger. Just nice-sized chunks
Then, add the cinnamon and vanilla (if desired) and mix lightly just so all the banana is coated. !!!Try not to mush any of the bananas
Now, pop the dish into the oven and bake for about 15 minutes.
Or, until lots of the syrupy banana juices are swishing around, like this:
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Serve alone, or with soy ice cream if that's how you roll.
It might look gross, but it's so. good.

I like to figure about 1 banana per person when making this for my family- so with 6 bananas. it's a fantastic way to get rid of all the overripe bananas nobody wants to eat
I'm not a dessert-y person (I don't ever add fat or sugar to food) BUT I LOVE THIS DESSERT! It's mostly because it's easy, healthy, and vegan, plus combines some of my favorite flavours. Be warned, though: this stuff gets super sweet (especially if you use very ripe bananas) so one banana per person is really all you can handle. Feel free multiply the amount in the recipe to serve more people. It's a real family favourite, so since we'd need 6 bananas, this reciper is fantastic for finding a use for those brown, old, ripe bananas.

Like this one: (ewie)

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