Monday, June 4, 2007

Rishi's party and the cookies, plus the amaranth pic

Remember those cookies I made?
Well, I went to the year-end bowling/arcade/mini-golf party yesterday, and those cookies were GONE in like 5 seconds. Everybody seemed to like them, most people went for seconds or thirds or more (!) and some people asked if the recipe was vegan. Hah.

And Monica, my friend (?) who seems to hate me and everything about veganism, had three, I think. Who's counting? All that matters is that they realized how good vegan food can be. :)

Anyways, later on we had pizza, and Rishi told me that there was a vegetarian one. I really appreciated that, but told him nicely that I wouldn't eat it "because there was cheese, but thanks anyways". He then INSISTED that he'd get something else for me and just told him nooooo, that it was fine. Well, Rishi ended up buying a vegetable tray, juse for little 'ol me. Aw. What a nice guy. I probably thanked him a million times, but most likely more than that.

And, here's a picture of the blueberry amaranth recipe from the other day, but with some satsuma mandarin oranges too. :)

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