Monday, July 16, 2007

Green smoothie, red tomato, and an awesome littlest sister

(this post is just a quick trio of pictures that have been hanging around on my digital camera for a few days :) )

Green smoothie: I remembered to take a picture of the wonderful smoothie from this post JUST before I chugged down the last bit. Yes, that's right- a green smoothie soooo good that you can actually like the taste enough to chug it gleefully! :) I've been making one every day for a while now. So good. So invigorating.
Red tomato: First tomato from the garden! I didn't get to eat it, though... :( My brother beat me to it. Argh.
And, here's a piece of vegan propaganda that my awesome littlest sister made... For those who can't tell what it says, it's "Eat your fruits and vegetables" and there's a little piece of flesh in the middle with arrows saying "That's not one" and "Steak". Well, she accidentally spelled it "stead", but you just have to love her anyways.

And... I didn't even ask her to make this or anything! She's the coolest 7-year-old ever.

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