Thursday, September 25, 2008

Charmouuuuuula! (and a massive amount of cookies)

When I first saw the Roasted Vegetable with Tomato Charmoula and Quinoa on the Fat Free Vegan blog, I couldn't believe my eyes. This had to have been the best. roasted vegetable recipe. ever. I also quite enjoy the word 'charmoula'.

I love the idea of tossing the vegetables in a tomatoey sauce before roasting. More flavour, less oil is necessary, and a great boost in nutrients.

The spices used in the charmoula are fantastic, as well. I could probably eat the tomatoey spicy goodness just by itself, never mind the veggies! :D

Before mixing and cooking:

Unfortunately, I didn't have a chance to take a picture of the cooked dish. We had a bunch of family over and the whole baking dish was CLEAN before I had a chance to grab seconds. Definitely a hit!

On another note, I spent a good chunk of time the other day baking 104 double chocolate chip cookies...

Most of them are for the first Environmental Club meeting (I'm co-president and I'm doing whatever I can to keep the membership from dropping!). Of course, I'm keeping a few to stockpile in the freezer for whenever I need a quick plate of cookies for various sorts of occasions.

They turned out quite well, albeit a little flat- which seems to be happening a lot to my cookies lately. Maybe I just have a bad habit of overmeasuring the liquid ingredients?

These cookies were quite DARK and chocolately, I sprinkled the ones for environmental club with a bit of powdered sugar for extra sweetness:
:) I hope that they'll be a hit!


Conquerbysmiling said...

Yumm- those look perfect:]

VeganCowGirl said...

Your cookies look great! So cool that you are doing the baking for that group - I would stay a member for sure!

I am going to give that tomato sauce/veg recipe a try. I love love love roasted veg and just can't get enough.

Peggy the Veggie said...

Conquerbysmiling- thanks!

vegancowgirl- thanks! we got a HUGE turnout, and I promised more cookies next time... so hopefully that's going to work :)

Definitely give it a shot!

Bianca said...

You can't go wrong with double chocolate! I could really use a cookie right now...

tofufreak said...

doooood! that's a lot of cookies!!!!

Peggy the Veggie said...

It IS a lot of cookies, they all disappeared realllly quickly though :S