Saturday, September 6, 2008

Soybean shreds and my new bento obsession

The day I bought those tofu noodles, the first thing I did was heat them up with some tomato sauce. You know, even though the texture wasn't a whole lot like pasta, I really liked it! I've never been a big fan of the taste & texture of wheat pasta anyways so this was a lovely surprise.

For Friday's bento lunch, I decided to take these noodles in a very different direction... I put them in sushi! After minor chopping and seasoning them just a little, I placed them on a little sheet of nori, just like one would do with rice.

Shredded soybeans / tofu noodles lightly dressed in soy sauce and cayenne pepper

On top of the shredded bean curd, I placed cooked beets (from my great-aunt's garden!) and julienned steamed carrots (from our garden!).

It was a little hard to roll up, since I had made a not-so-smart decision to fold the nori in half, but it turned out okay. Plus, I got to eat the scraps! :D

The rest of my bento was a bit more simpl: steamed carrots, a salad of romaine lettuce & bell pepper, then bits of bell pepper all over to act as 'filler'. Filler is useful to stop your food from getting all jumbled around, not to mention the little cupcake liners that were also put to good use.

I still had extra bell pepper... so I played a bit of 'peek-a-boo' with my vegetables! I hid the carrots and romaine salad under bell pepper lids.

Thankfully, by the time lunch rolled around, my bento was still intact. The sushi was sooo good, but then again I'm a big fan of beets in general so that could have been a big part of it.

It was so cool, though- the beet juice managed to turn some of the tofu shreds pink! That totally made me remember that beet juice is a wonderful natural food dye... Does that mean more pink food in my futre? Possibly :) And I don't even like pink that much!

A lovely shot of those beets:

Mmm, I love beets. :) So sweet and so delicious, and SO packed with antioxidants- just look at the colour!

On a bento-related note, today I took my sister's paper-punchers and made a bunch of little decorative nori pieces. Among what I made are dolphins, various sizes of circles, flowers, butterflies, my name, a tree trunk, and a snake. I can't wait to start making awesome bento lunches with those! I'm thinking of using lettuce as leaves for the nori tree trunk. :)

For some neat bento inspiration, check out the blog Lunch in a Box. It's not vegan, but there are some really neat things up there. Like the cutest little apple rabbits!

Just Bento is another site/blog that has a TON of complete bento recipes, complete with a 'V' marking all the vegan options. Awesome! There are a good deal of vegan recipes up there, not to mention the ones that could be easily veganized. I'm already drooling over the Glazed Triple-Soy Loaf, and the vegetable-coloured rice is just too cute.

Am I getting a little bento-obsessed? ...maybe :)


Gaia @ Viva Granola said...

Mmm, what a beautiful bento lunch!
Great job!

Ms. _____ 2 be ! said...

tofu noodle... interesting, haven't see that before.

VeganCowGirl said...

I love what you did with the noodles. I am so doing that for one of my bentos this week! You rock. Great blog.

Bianca said...

Bento boxes are so cute! I need to get one. Ever since I started reading Vegan Lunchobox's blog, I've dreamed of taking cute little lunches to work everyday!

Peggy the Veggie said...

Gaia- Thanks! :)

Ms. ___ 2 be- It's definitely interesting, but I like the taste & texture more than either tofu OR pasta. you should pick some up when you have a chance!

Vegan Cowgirl- :D Thanks! You should totally try it, it's real different than using rice or whatnot.

Bianca- you do need to get one! there are tons on ebay that I have my eye on, they're really super-cute. Yeah, and it makes the meal that much more satisfying!

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